Dried Arrangement

Dried Arrangement


Our dried arrangement features all naturally preserved and dried products.We searched high and low to find the right sustainable florals to use in this Forever Treasure! All of our dried arrangements are made to order so we encourage give us a “vibe” to inspire your design.

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You must be looking for something that lasts the test of time! Fresh florals just won’t do it for ya and a plant, well, you didn’t inherent that green thumb from Aunt Karen. We have the perfect floral creation for you! Our Forever Treasure arrangement is an all dried arrangement that requires no effort for you. That’s right, just set it and forget it!
Care tips, okay just a FEW best practice ideas:
Make sure to keep out of direct sun to avoid sun bleaching
Do not add water to these florals, it will cause rotting!
Florals are fragile, be mindful with handling!
Value $95 including a ceramic vase
Dimensions of our classic “zara” vase are 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches

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