Big Brass Love


The Big Brass Love arrangement is made to WOW. Each arrangement is jam packed with florals with a lush base of greenery, followed with a mix of wildflowers and only the most premier seasonal blooms to showcase. Each piece is 100% original in our Stems Signature style. Our style is highlighted by working with the natural shape of each flower, show casing each stem perfectly.

Vase is approx. 6 inches in diameter and made of brass, it’s a gorgeous vase to keep even after the florals have retired. Inside the vase you will see a chickenwire cage which is meant to hold the florals in place. Keep in mind, we try to avoid using flower foam in our shop as it’s quite the nuisance for our oceanic friends.

** Flower availability greatly depends on market and season. During the warmer months of the year we source locally as often as possible. We love taking suggestion on color palate and feel for each arrangement! There is even a place for this in our online order form.

XO Stems Brooklyn


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