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An eco conscious florist 💐♻️🌎
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It’s an A La Carte Wedding party! Order your seasonal wedding bouquets online and let us choose seasonal, responsibly sourced flowers for you 💐

Mix n match items in our online platform, the no fuss flower place designed for ease.
The Showstopper exploding with fall flowers 💐 

Dahlias might be my absolute favorite focal flower…. Even more than a peony. Why? Because there’s so many incredible colors, shapes and sizes! They are designer friendly especially for those of us that do mixed bouquets. 

Swing by today and all weekend for locally grown cuts by @bearcreekfresh @treadlightfarm and @many_graces 🙌
Mums the word 🙊

Thanks @bearcreekfresh for these beautiful pink dahlias.
Dried or fresh, pick your favorites at the shop all weekend! Open 11am-5pm Saturdays and 11am-4pm Sundays.
Thanks @fortissimo_florals for the banging “grower bunches” of dahlias! 

As florists we buy in single variety “bunches” which are typically 5 or 10 stems per “bunch”. Each bunch is typically holding the same type of flowers in the same color. 

With “grower bunches” the farmer selects the best cuts of each flower they have and mix them together to create those 5 or 10 stem bunches…. Thus leading to bunches with different colors and or varieties. 

Growers bunches are more typical for micro farmers as they may not have the inventory to sell single variety bunches. 

Our retail shop creates one of a kind designs so we can use bunches like these as our customers know we are pulling the best flowers for each design we make. Part of our sustainable approach is create unique designs that don’t require recipes so we can use all of our flowers. 

There’s your flower lesson for today. Now what’s a bundle? Anybody wanna guess!
The most perfect dahlias I’ve ever seen. 

‘Snoho Les’ variety grown by @fortissimo_florals

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