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Stems Brooklyn

A community minded eco conscious florist 💐
Open Daily 11am-4pm
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Full Service Weddings: @stemsbrooklynweddings

Happy Monday! Peonies are rolling in hot 💐

Most of our domestic cuts are coming in from Virginia right now. I love how these pair with allium and that hanging amaranth 🤤

Gorgeous design by @shannon.cowan
Corsage cuffs featuring ranunculus 🫶 order online and get stoked to see what we create! 

Designed by @bloomgoblin
That magical time of year when poppies and peonies are in season together 🥹
Rainbow flower bar 🌈💐🫶 build your own bouquet or have our designers curate the perfect combination! 

No minimum needed! Open 7 days a week 🥳
This is what an eco conscious wedding bouquet looks like! 

@stemsbrooklynweddings slaying with seasonal blooms by @treadlightfarm and naturally dyed sustainable ribbon by @kablumeflowers 💐🫶🌎

Designed by our very own @julia.blooms
It’s wild seeing my team grow and change through the years. I say Stems is my first born and that Ace is my second. But if that’s true, then  I’ve had dozens of kids at this point. 

Dozens of humans coming through my doors hoping and wishing and creating a life of flowers. Each persons journey is different. I’ve been truly blessed by hosting so many talented, hard working and creative humans through the years. 

This weekend we are bidding a “ciao for now” to two of our beloved staff @awesomezaucy and @rupaws_drag_race and welcoming new faces to the team! 

Neysha we are going to miss your infectious energy and absolutely stunning designs! And Lynzie, our dear “shop cat” how will we ever fill ALL of the shoes you wear!? I can’t wait to keep watching y’all take over the world 🌎 

Wishing new opportunity of growth and lots of creative energy to all the new faces coming in!

Now one final push through Mother’s Day weekend!

Oh yeah, the shop is open 10am-5pm today, come and get some gorgeous ready made bouquets! 

I’m so grateful to be a business mom and am so freaking lucky to be a mom to my son Ace. He tells me he’s gonna work at my shop when he grows up but really I know he wants to be a “rockstar and the greatest basketball player that ever lived, even better than Michael Jordan or LeBron James” so if that’s the case then flowers will be third fiddle 😂

And to all those with challenging mom dynamics, whatever they may be, give yourself a hug today 🫶

Thanks for supporting my family and my work family for almost a decade. It’s my honor and privilege to serve this community! Even with all the stress that comes with small business life it’s not lost on me the privileges we all hold as flower industry people to serve through this medium. We are so freaking lucky. If you are working today and overwhelmed, take a moment! Breathe deep and look at those gorgeous flowers in your hands ❤️


Shop is open all weekend 10am-5pm with lots of gorgeous ready made bouquets and arrangements 💐

Our stem bar is not available this holiday weekend due to the high volume of walk ins so we can better serve everyone 👍
Busy making it happen for Mothers Day! Missed pre orders? We have loads of bouquets, gifts and plants available for walk ins all weekend long 💐🫶🌾
Tomorrow! Come buy flowers so we can raise money to fund a free workshop to the residents at Safe Horizon, a domestic violence shelter here in NYC. 

Wanna learn more? Follow them here @safehorizon and read more below: 

Safe Horizon is an anti-violence organization working towards survivor justice in New York City. Through an incredible network of services including the NYC Hotline, child advocacy centers, shelters, youth programs, digital chat, systems advocacy, whole family work, specialized legal support, and much more, we support over 200,000 people to heal and be safe every year.  Our mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.
Our a la carte weddings are taking off y’all! The weddings department here is fully dedicating energy into more full service weddings and we saw a gap in the market! If you need fun, seasonal flowers for your wedding for event hit up our online ordering platform. Everything is designers choice meaning we pick the flowers and you enjoy them, it’s that easy! 

Thanks for supporting me and my family and this team as we ride the ever changing tides of floristry in this wild city 💐🫶💕

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96 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

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